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Cycle City


Indoor cycling group fitness classes

Cycle City is a seriously sweaty, music heavy, full body workout on a bike. Combining cardio and strength with unlimited energy helps you conquer hills and sprints in a workout you’ll love to lose yourself in.


The Work

Our signature and most popular class is 45 minutes (Cycle City 45) designed for the perfect blend of high intensity, low impact cardio, muscular strength training and choreography.

Want an extra challenge? Our extended 60 minute ride (Cycle City 60) is for you, this has an extended upper body track and more interval training.

Take it to the next level with our 90 minute ride (Cycle City 90), the ultimate endurance challenge. Combining two instructors and double the tunes, this totally immersive class will leave you physically and mentally stronger whilst having double the fun. These only happen once a month and are known to sell out in seconds!


The Vibes

A mega-watt sound system, light show and custom playlists help you ride to the beat. Whether it’s drum and bass, RnB or a dedicated artist theme ride, our instructors curate the best tunes that motivate you all the way. Our dark room, positive energy and inclusive vibes means no one gets left behind. We ride together, no matter your fitness level.


The Kit

Track your progress with the industry’s best Keiser spin bikes. With visible gears and metrics such as RPM, watts and distance, you can check in on your performance and even monitor your personal best scores.

To ensure a seamless ride, we provide cleats absolutely free of charge. Clipping in helps you produce more power meaning you have a stronger and smoother ride.


The Science

Every class has been carefully designed to increase your cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance and muscular strength to transform your body and free your mind.