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Let’s commit to change!

At One City we are dedicated to helping you discover your best self & our membership pack is designed specifically to help you get there.

Train up to 7 days a week in both the Run City & Cycle City studios & get exclusive benefits like early access booking, discounted top ups and much more to make this no ordinary membership.


Frequent Questions

Can anyone become a member?

Our memberships are limited. However if this is full, you can join our waitlist & we will notify you when a membership space becomes available

What is the minimum term for memberships?

There is no minimum term for membership. The contract will be rolling & can be cancelled anytime

How will I be billed?

Payment is taken monthly in advance, by billing the card saved to your account. You will need to have a card on your account to enable payment to be taken. Please make sure this is up to date.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership at anytime by heading to ‘my account’


How many spaces can I book per class using my membership?

With memberships, you can book 1 space in any class

Can you freeze a membership?

You are able to freeze your membership for up to two months. There is a limit of up to two freezes per 12 month period. In order to freeze your membership, you must contact the studio at least 48 hours before your next billing date. To do this email

Will I be charged a ‘no show’ fee if I don’t turn up to a class?

Yes, if you do not show up to a class & do not cancel your space, you will be charged a fee of £8 per space, to the card registered on your account with us. This will be on top of your monthly membership fee.


Will I still be able to purchase credits with my membership?

Yep, you will still be able to purchase single credits or bundles. However, we encourage you to take advantage of the exclusive discounted top-up credit available to members.

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